Speak Danish in 90 days

Talking Ninja helps you learn Danish fast so you can speak confidently and understand what people say.

Start speaking and gain confidence in Danish

New Artificial Intelligence technology, combined with a proven learning method will help you get results quicker than you ever imagined possible.

Speak with ``Julia``

“Julia” is your digital language teacher. You can speak with her and she will respond, using only the words you already know or any new words you’re currently learning.

10 new words every day

Talking Ninja will teach you most frequently-used words in Danish. In 90 days you will be able to understand 85% of basic conversations in Danish.

Just 15min per day

If you use Talking Ninja for just a few minutes every day, you can expect to reach conversational fluency in 90 days, meaning that you will be able to understand basic conversations.

Only the useful words

We have analyzed the entire Danish language and only selected useful words that you can start using immediately. If you’re in a shop, school, work, bus, or anywhere else.

We built it for us, for international students and expats living in Denmark.

It doesn't matter if you're planning to move to Denmark or if you already live here. The app was designed to help you learn Danish as fast as possible and make you confident while speaking.

Learn Fast

You don’t have to spend 3 years studying Danish in school. We have carefully selected the material that will give you the quickest results in the shortest time.

Speak Confidently

Most people struggle with speaking and listening when learning a new language. Unfortunately, most methods focus on writing, reading and grammar. No more, start speaking from your very first day!

Don’t Feel Judged

When you first learn a new language, it’s intimidating! You feel like people will laugh at you. We get it. Now you can practice with “Julia”. Our Artificial Intelligence digital tutor. She won’t judge you, but she’ll understand when you speak to her. Download the app and start practicing.

Learn new important words and start speaking confidently

After year and a half of intensive testing, research and analysis we have been able to select only the material that will help you learn as fast as possible in the shortest time period.

People love it and use it every day

Download it now and start speaking immediately!

Most people think they're bad at languages. Not true. They just don't know the right method for learning. Talking Ninja will make everybody feel like they're natural at languages. Give it a try, it's free.

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