Learn to speak Danish in 90 days

Learn new words, practice speaking, train yourself to listen and understand Danish.

Start speaking from your very first day.

You'll get immediate feedback on your pronunciation so you can improve every day. By the time you will speak Danish in the real world, it will be easy for others to understand you.

Speak directly

….with your digital language tutor. Using latest technology, the language tutor will understand what you say and help you improve with each phrase.

Practice listening

…and most importantly understanding the spoken Danish. By listening to your digital language tutor, you will train your ear and improve understanding of words and phrases in Danish.

For any level

Doesn’t matter if this is your first Danish lesson or you already understand the basics. Talking Ninja is designed to take help you, no matter on your current level.

Useful words

…and phrases are the foundation of Talking Ninja. You will only learn thing you can immediately use in every-day life situations.

Immediate feedback

…for both pronunciation and understanding will help you improve at rapid pace. It feels like regular conversation, not like a language lesson.

Short sessions

With only 15 minutes per day, you can achieve conversational fluency within the first 90 days.

Speaking and listening in one app, for the first time!

Do you hate memorizing grammar rules and lists of random words? So do we! Here's a solution.

Conversational fluency…

In just 90 days thanks to a combination of proven linguistic techniques and the latest technology in speech recognition, powered by Apple’s Siri.

Supports all accents

It doesn’t matter where you are from or what accent you have. Talking Ninja supports all common accents. Try it for yourself.

Don’t just speak, listen.

While you are practicing your pronunciation, you will also listen to Julia and train your “Danish” ear.

The easy-to-follow guide will teach you the basics on your first day.

Don't waste time learning stuff you don't actually use in real life! Talking Ninja will only teach you what is really needed to start speaking asap.

International students and expats in Denmark love Talking Ninja

Try it now, it's free!

3 months from now you will wish that you have started today.

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