How it works

1. Learn 10 new, relevant words every day.

20% of the words in Danish are used over and over in all conversations. We’ll teach you the most frequently-used words. 

2. Chose an image that will represent each word.

You’ll never forget the word again.

 3.Chat with real Danes from your first day.

We’ll give you the things to say and the person will help you with pronounciation.

Chat with real Danes from your first day!

The only way to truly learn a language is by speaking with native speakers. Most people assume they have to reach a certain level of proficiency before they can have a conversation. False! You don’t have to spend months memorizing words and grammar rules. You can start chatting on your first day. It’s easy. We’ll help you.

The Danes you will be talking to are other users, just like you, that are learning a different language. Since they’re also learning, they understand that your Danish will not be perfect. You can enjoy yourself and speak without any consequences. They are there to help you.

At the beginning, you will provided all the sentences and words you have to ready so don’t worry about having to create conversation from scratch. You’ll be amazed how quickly your brain picks up Danish when you start speaking it from the first day. It’s like a magical language pill.

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Learn only the important words

Did you know that in Danish, 20% of all the words in the vocabulary are used in the 85% of all conversations? That means if you can learn only 20% of all the words in the language (approximately 900 words), you would be able to understand almost all (85%) of the conversations.

That’s exactly what you’ll do with Talking Ninja. Each day, you will learn 10 of the most frequently-used words in Danish. No more “elephant is purple”-type of sentences. Learn only the useful stuff. In 90 days, you’ll know 900 words and will be able to understand about 85% of all conversations. Pretty amazing, isn’t it.

There are some cool tools in the app that will help you never forget a word again. For example attaching an image with every word, or our Smart Memory Recall algorithm which calculates when to show you words you are about to forget.

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“I have discovered this fun and fast way of learning Danish on regular basis. It only takes me 10-15 minutes per day. I would recommend Talking.Ninja for everyone that is not into traditional way of learning languages!”

Doina Gumeniuc, VIA University College, Mechanical Engineering
“Learning Danish with Talking Ninja is one of the best and simpliest way to do it, since it does not require much time and things seems to very simple with this platform. I would recommend Talking ninja to all who has limited time but still want to learn Danish, Talking ninja is what you need”
Dan Jalba, VIA University College, ICT Engineering
“I started using Talking Ninja because I was getting bored of Duolingo, and I was looking for a more interactive alternative to learning Danish. Talking Ninja really gets you to form a strong connection with the words that you are learning, this connection assists you in memorising the words easier. The best part about this app, is that each word you learn is learnt with your own personal touch.”
Julian McIntosh, VIA University College, Mechanical Engineering

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